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Editorial Opinion on Social Justice in the World- June 2020

Editorial Opinion on Social Justice in the World- June 2020
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By PLeditor

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This article seeks to expound on the recent phenomenon of protests against social injustice in the Untied States with an aim to address the root causes and provide concrete solutions.

In the aftermath of the recent protests and unrest, many folks both within the country and globally now declaring that the social experiment that is the United States of America has failed, and miserably. Indeed, the socio-economic structure of our entire world has failed us dramatically.

But, I contend that the good ol’ US of A was never a ‘social experiment’- it was always a financial venture/commercial enterprise intended to make us all slaves.

So now I want to address the main issue here which underlies all these symptoms of social injustice in our world. The overt acts of racism are easy to spot and they are the result of long standing institutionalized policies, which are not so obvious. But the real source of the discriminatory policies (not aimed just at minorities of color, but at mankind in general) and their true purpose- and therefore source of most of mankind’s trouble on this plane- is…money itself.

Yes, I said it. So sue me!

If you look historically, the greed for riches has been the driving force behind the subjugation and enslavement of peoples of all ethnicities and genders, from the Annunaki gold mining operations in Southern Africa, to the Egyptian enslavement of the Hebrews for free labor, to the conquest of the Americas in search of indigenous peoples’ gold, and the eventual African slave trade which enriched every European nation, it was always about the ‘benjamins’. And anyone and everyone who got in the way of any patriarchal wealth creation system for the very few was silenced or eliminated, even if they were from the same nation or peoples.

Are enough people finally awakening to the fact that social injustice against one group represents a threat to the rights and enjoyments of everyone from any group? From the looks of many multiracial protests, it would seems so. But how can anyone expect ‘some change’ on the social front when everything underlying the societal structure is built upon division and absolute control through the funny money system in order to prevent true progress?

Just because you have enough money to pay your taxes and then some doesn’t make you a free person, the simple fact that you have any taxes to pay at all just makes you a debt slave, no matter your color!

When will today’s protesters finally recognize the true mechanism of their oppression as the global financial system which has addicted us all to its IV cocktail of sugary, but absolutely worthless currency? They nearly rebelled with the Occupy Wall Street protests, but only wound up getting funded and infiltrated by globalists like George Soros, so the protests accomplished nothing at all.

Maybe the ultimate wake up call will be the full disclosure of how the richest most powerful people on the planet are involved in fraternal organizations and secrets societies covertly building and using underground bases for human slavery, practicing satanic rituals, and concealing various highly-classified space programs for interplanetary slave trade!

But I digress…

So, where am I really going with all this radical yet intriguing social analysis?

I assert that #BLACK LIVES cannot MATTER as long as money is valued more by some, and

#ALL LIVES will only MATTER equally when all people can live equitably with respect to justice, education, health, and abundance.

Ultimately, the goal must be to dismantle these destructive patriarchal/fraternal systems and institutions and replace them with restorative, regenerative systems that create lasting well-being for all people and the planet.

Addressing the interlocking crises of modern civilisation represents the greatest challenge that humanity has faced in its long history, and calls for a thorough restructuring of the world economy as well as far greater understanding, commitment and solidarity between peoples and nations. https://www.sharing.org/how-to-share-the-worlds-resources/program-for-survival

It can be done… OST, Venus Project

It has already been done… Damanhur, Portugal, Poland

and it must be done!

For a highly technological society does away with all discrimination or self-destructs.” Iargans

The abundant resources of the planet twill be free for everyone to share, equally, only when money is no longer a factor for discriminating against any individual or group. But this new resource-based society will seem to come at a great ‘cost’ to the average person, for it means not only will there be NO more extremes of wealth and poverty, but also NO more bank accounts, NO more financial investments, NO more credit cards, NO more shopping sprees, NO more extra vacation homes, NO more residences full of impulse buys, and NO more speculative financial sector jobs, because there will be NO more fiat money, AND ultimately no more personal property. All real estate and production will belong to all contributors through community trusts, to be assigned to individuals and projects by elected councils. All food and essential services are provided free to all persons contributing to communal projects. But this revolution in our collective reality is no relative of your grandparent’s communism, nor your parent’s socialism, the uniquely relevant term here is actually Contributionism.

When researching for how best to achieve social justice through popular movements for revolutionary change, the facts are clear that Gandhi and Martin Luther King were right- violence only begets more violence. Only non-violent organizations can make the large-scale difference for the future world we want to see…

YES Magazine reports that sociologist Erica Chenoweth and co-author Maria J. Stephan reviewed all known major nonviolent and violent resistance campaigns from 1900 to 2006 As part of a 2008 study, to determine which organizing techniques have been most successful.

Nonviolent campaigns, they found, are “more likely to win legitimacy, attract widespread domestic and international support, neutralize the opponent’s security forces, and compel loyalty shifts among erstwhile opponent supporters.”

Chenoweth’s data also showed another essential thing about political movements: No nonviolent movement has ever failed once it achieved the active, sustained participation of 3.5% of the population.

We’ve Got a Better World in Mind

And so I hereby dedicate my personal resources and those the Punilla Link platform to the peaceful promotion of unity consciousness and actionable progress towards a Contributionism sharing economy and communitarian lifestyle.

Coming soon will be a website dedicated to the hypothetical implications and practical implementation of the One Small Town project within San Marcos Sierras. Stay tuned!


Turn just one small town in any country, into a model for other towns to follow. The kind of place that most of us have dreamed of all our lives, and to lay the foundation for a new social structure and a world free from economic slavery.

This one small town will become an example to mayors and people in small towns all over the world. People will realise that it can be done… and that they can do the same. We believe that this will create a domino effect that will become unstoppable, across borders and continents.


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