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Another Great Ayahuasca Adventure 2020

Another Great Ayahuasca Adventure 2020

Continued from  My Great Ayahuasca Adventure 2020

So, I went into my second Ayahuasca ceremony of 2020 with great expectations based on what happened in the last one in January.

I wrote a short list of things I wanted to cover, with the overall theme of removing illusions and seeing the truth for myself:

My list was:

1) Communicate more with elemental and fairy realms

2) Complete ego death, I was unwilling to the first time around

3) Find my real voice

4) Fully open my 3rd eye chakra. 

The opening of this ceremony, with 4 participants new to Ayahusca, started much like the last, except for a much more thorough intro by Juan, and the absence of screaming infants and the application of Rape powder. At one point during the night, I mentioned the omission of Rape to Juan and he jokingly replied it was for my consideration, since I noted having problems with it before. Honestly, for me it wasn’t at all necessary in order to complete the work I was there for.

The first offering of the medicinal brew went without a hitch and very few of the 16 or so in attendance went puking and crapping their shorts. Perhaps because beforehand Juan advised everyone to remain seated upright while the liquid digested and released DMT into the blood stream, instead of lying down immediately. There was a lot of moaning and groaning, but some seemed quite pleasurable, almost semi-orgasmic. For me, I waited til I felt my stomach empty into my intestines before I reclined, but still felt very little effects. Maybe after an hour I felt a tingle in my first chakra, expansion in my heart chakra, and pressure in my 3rd eye, so I knew It was about time for something to happen. But all I noticed was the energy getting stuck where I had previous meridian issues in my groin area.

So…I went for the second cup and a short while later, unlike my previous experience I stayed upright for quite some time just grounding my feet chakras and swaying my hips and torso back and forth, while watching the stars for OVNIS (but only seeing planes, satellites, and shooting stars until the goddess of kundalini really began to stir up through my legs). I should note here that on two occasions on this beautiful and clear night I actually saw stationary star lights that suddenly started blinking then disappeared after ‘winking’ to me. I am convinced it was a message of support!

Another interesting difference between this ceremony and the last for me personally, was the lack of deep healing work throughout the chakra system, and a primary focus on the spleen organ. I found it strange, but I experienced no activation of my sexual energy or the second chakra which is associated with it, but soon realized that I was again doing some kind of psychic surgery on the chakra and clearing issues related to appetite for life and gluttony, which would help to transform more of my sexual energy into refined higher energies and start raising this energy toward the higher energy centers.

For what seemed like an hour, I witnessed magenta-violet colored energy flows passing up my left leg and into my groin. Some time later, I felt a clearing there and it really started to flow into my head. Nothing else happened, no weird hallucinations or strong convulsions, just snakey twitching.

In yoga, the spleen chakra is stimulated by poses involving movement in the hips and lower abdomen… Get loose in your pelvis and feel your connection to your hips and your sensual center. One of the main tasks of this center is to distribute the vital force received from the Sun through out the body. On a mental/emotional level, the spleen chakra is associated with emotions that impact relationships – sensuality, self-acceptance and intimacy [and also brings the quality of desirelessness]. It governs how the individual relates to others and what such relationships mean to them. Imbalance in the spleen chakra is thought to be a contributing factor to eating disorders. To balance your sacral chakra, simply breathe into your hips. Roll your hips while sitting or standing.


An open, balanced sacral chakra allows you to experience intimacy and love freely and fully, to be honest and non-judgmental about your desires, and to live as your authentic self without fear.


Despite this wonderful healing experience of transforming negative energy into positive to take control of my negative basic instincts and progress toward higher consciousness, the issue of blocked meridians in my groin relating to the spleen energy was only temporarily relieved and has not been eliminated yet.

Later on, I was introduced to a large serpent entity that was presented to me as aspect of my higher self. I asked for this being’s name and heard, ‘Assura’! This Seraphim or Seraphin being, possibly a serpent avatar of bliss from the eighth dimension, was a thin, but strong, silvery black fractally-scaled dragon of the void, was ready to integrate its energy signature with my body, activating its star codes already within my DNA matrix.

The Seraphin, the mighty dragon, created the Reptilian/Snake humanoids (Nagas) and the Ophanim created the Bird/Dog humanoids which now inhabit much of the Sirian star systems. The Seraphin were the Angelic Elders of the Empire of Uru – this was the lineage of Mags, the Magdalene. The Assarus came from the Uru snake capital and later entered Egypt

– Alloya, Braiding the Self

In the very beginning of earth’s development before man stepped on to her surface, the Dragons were here. The Dragons of creation came into the space allocated for Gaia and wove the elements of earth, air, fire, earth and water to create the physical planet. Do not mistake these creatures as being myths, for they were real and powerful creative forces. They were immensely powerful beings, and simply through their presence they set in motion the cycles that would later become the weather patterns of Earth. They spiraled their bodies around and around until the pattern of creation was formed. When the planet began to drop in vibration in later times, they slept. It is as if the dragons created the landscape of the hills and mountains. It is no mistake that some of our mountain ranges resemble Dragons. There are many places on this planet where the Dragons still sleep. This is the time for them to wake up. The Dragons hold in their bodies the codes on how to ascend planets into the light of a new reality. They hold the secrets on how to transform this world. When the Dragons awaken, they will activate the codes present in the human DNA, aiding the transformation of this planet. The Dragons are bridges of sort, between the very high starry dimensions and the earthly realms. The Dragons have the ability to take very high information from the stars and anchor it into the matrix of the planet Earth.

Your Dragon self wants to come forward and make itself known to your body so that it can integrate, anchor in the body, and guide you to certain places in your area that need healing and balancing, and then guide you to do some work on these blocked and negative Dragon vortexes. It is not necessary that you go to these places in your physical bodies, as you can travel their astrally and still have the same affect. In your dream body you can travel to this place, awaken the Dragons, activate the codes and aid the planetary transformation. Once you have gotten to this point you will be guided to stand in certain places and allow the energy of the place to come into your body to be transformed and released. This is not an easy job, you may have emotions, which are dense, and powerful, your head may not understand. Do not worry your Dragon will guide your through your intuition and bodily feelings and you will know exactly what to do. It is difficult to communicate with words or pictures with these beings; they tend to speak in a language that can only be felt in the body as bodily sensations. If you tune into your body in this way, then your mind will begin to translate the language of the Dragons into a form of either words or pictures so you can begin to communicate with this being. You have work to do on the land, your Dragon self is asking this of you. It is going to take some time before you really are ready to do this. Take your time, Dragon energy is slow, there is no rush- all in its right time.

Dragon energy is very heavy and can make the body feel very full and tired. When you work with the Dragon energy it can be very difficult at first, as the body gets used to such an immense energy. That would make sense of why you are feeling so tired at certain times in your day, this is the influence of the Dragon on your body. It may also get uncomfortable in the body, do not think that your weird symptoms are an illness, this is not the truth. Any bodily symptoms at this time are only a result of the Dragon energy coming into your body. You will be a natural as you have worked with this Dragon energy on the land many times before. This is the soul intention for this lifetime to allow you to step into your power as an Earth healer, just like you were in many of your previous lives. The Dragon consciousness that you are on this level sleeps in the center of the planet. I have been on a journey into the center of the Earth, and I have passed through many levels of consciousness. As I got to the very core where the crystal lies, I saw it surrounded on all sides by sleeping Dragons.

-Alloya, Dragon Riders

As this Dragon began to integrate into my energy field, I then my realized my 3rd eye chakra had begun to completely open, and out in front of my inner vision I was witnessing different realities and time lines all at once, which I could not control. I got the message that it was not time yet for full activation of this chakra, as it was still too overwhelming for me.

Theresa Talea says that one with a fully opened 3rd eye chakra cannot choose what they see, but is presented with interdimensional information all at once, and from whatever source, including manipulative entities! Instead, she emphasizes learning to activate and use just the pineal gland, which is more protected from outside influences than the chakra, as the natural source of inner vision to perceive more of our own inner aspects, selves, and identities, allowing us and interact with keen discernment.

Later, I was asking about my real voice and was told that this Seraphin/Dragon consciousness was my real voice, but that it would be impossible to reproduce its voice though my larynx. Even so, the energy my own fears of self-expression was blocking it from further integrating with my throat chakra. Even after some healing work on this chakra and continued toning and vocalization up til the morning, I was still unable to find my real voice- more fear release work to be done.

However, I did state my willingness to complete the ego death this time around and be reborn, but was told that even that was just an illusion, the ego’s ‘death’ being merely a misnomer. As I had now seen the truth of my higher self identity, the illusion of the ego self would simply find less and less room to operate, and any negative influence would rapidly fade away. Nothing to see here!

The rest of the night was spent in trance working deeply on the spleen and integrating the newest member consciousness of my body. Just before daybreak on this chilly night, the group aroused themselves and reconstituted the circle for sharing personal experiences and the fire circle to keep warm! Many participants seemingly had profound and personal experiences this night, which they often expounded upon at great length, but many of their voices were so soft I could barley make out what they said. So I returned to my sleeping bag to await the sunrise and see if the Sol would once again activate my 3rd eye. At daybreak, I did indeed receive more inner visions of the spiritual sunlight which I eventually channeled through my hands back into the Earth, though with much less intensity than my previous solar activation. At dawn this time around I was much more conscious and able to stand than last time, but found that integrating this new energy into my structure and awareness required far more time than I anticipated. I did not have to learn to walk all over again, but remained quite spacey and wobbly when I did and could not drive home for at least an hour after sunrise when til I had integrated approx. 90 percent of the Seraphims consciousness into my aura and body. I knew even as I was driving home that this process would take even more time, so to speed things up after changing and using the restroom at home I quickly headed back out to play badminton with friends. I explained to them that I wouldn’t be at all competitive since I was introducing another aspect of my to this body, and sure enough I was not during the first game, but then ‘we’ began to speed up and even won the second game, Improvement! Though I went on to lose other games before calling it a match and going home to rest.

So to summarize…I feel this new energetic self as being very ancient, elemental, grand, wide, deep, expansive, raw, wild and mysterious. peaceful, very calm, very tranquil- even cool and collected and seemingly eager to share in my physical experiences without directing them. It wants to see as I see and feel as I do. Now, I feel even more grounded into my body and anchored into the Earth energy…as a Dragon Rider!

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