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Another Look at ‘the Event’, Part 1

Reclaiming Our Inner Light !

Another Look at ‘the Event’, Part 1

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April 25, 2020

OK, this is my epiphany synthesized from various tidbits of external and internal points of view that intuitively feels right to me. It may be true for me, for you, for all, and for no one, all at the same time!

Remember everything is right, until it’s wrong. You’ll know when its wrong.” -Earnest Hemingway

I understand a lot of these concepts and conclusions may be quite new and challenging for some readers. I hope that this material can at the very least offer you a new and interesting perspective on what it means to be human here on Earth at this time.

Follow this thread down the rabbit hole and see where it leads you to. Try it on for size, see if if represents the world as it is (or could be) for you, and if not… let it go!

The Event- What is it, when & how?

It really all depends on what answer you are looking for, who you ask, and what particular point of view and level of consciousness they are coming from. So here below, is my summary of 5-6 unique perspectives, before putting these together with other pieces to form a larger intuitive picture of the awaited Event on an individual and collective level. Please, remember, supposedly this same type of collective Event has never actually taken place before, so NO ONE knows how it will really happen!


Forces of Light battling the Draco reptilians for control of Earth, with Full Disclosure, CME and Golden Age to follow:

In reality, the solar event is an activation point that initiates a whole multidimensional process of social and spiritual metamorphosis. The event will be a moment of liberation for the planet that will be physical and not physical.

[Physically] The Event is the time of the great Compression Breakthrough on Earth. The advance in compression is when the forces of light on the planet’s surface and those below the planet’s surface meet in the middle, that is, on the planet’s surface.

I hope we all agree that there are various factions that support the light and liberation that exist within the solar system. There are other factions that support light and the liberation of the planet that exist below the surface. These factions are directed towards the planet’s surface because the planet’s surface is the main battlefield and is the main objective of this entire situation, which is not limited to planet Earth alone.

And [in the non-physical], of course, we have the pulse of the galaxy’s central sun. The galactic central sun is a living entity and sends the energy pulse according to the global level of our consciousness and the level of awakening. And what we call ‘The Event’ is exactly when the advance in compression and the level of awakening in general will be high enough for humanity to have that increased energy pulse from the galactic center.

There will be a great wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central Sun towards the planet’s surface…the energy of the Central Sun will stimulate a flash or a special form of light from the Sun that will spread throughout the Earth and the Earth. humanity, raising the frequencies of all living entities on the planet.

It is a magnificent energy without sight or sense before on Earth. Everyone on Earth will feel it and know that something has happened. It will not be a shocking event, it will be a positive event. It will calm humanity in the light of the energy of love and end duality.

2. The Event: What it really is…

It is a common trap we find ourselves in, when we are going through our process of spiritual awakening. We are waiting for “the Event”. The challenges to go through all the pain and to “change the whole world” seem to be a mission impossible. How sweet would it be that something big happens, that shifts everything without further ado. The good thing: Each time, we find ourselves in this corridor of despair, the energetic availability and potential to shift is heightened, simply because there is more momentum.

The Event is coming.” All of a sudden, we read it everywhere. And it is true, the potential for big shifts is off the charts. Yet, the event is an inner event that manifests in our reality. Only when we have found our inner balance and have worked through and transcended all of our ego-patterns and “shadows”, our reality and experience will be different. The energetic corridor we are in, offers this potential. So…it is another paradox. As long as we are waiting for “the Event” to happen to shift us into a new reality, it won’t. As long as we are waiting for something outside of us for our salvation, it won’t happen. Only when we do not expect an outside event to shift us, but we focus on our inner work, it will. Because the inner drives the outer, not vice versa.

Many individuals, including myself, have reported having their own ‘pre-event’ Singularity Event experience, either in meditation, during hypnotherapy sessions, or in conjunction with an incoming galactic plasma wave…

3. My personal vision of the Evento – July 2019

I remember this one day last July, while working on the computer I began to feel a surge of high-frequency energy through my body down to my feet. Thinking it was the onset of yet another galactic plasma wave, I went to lie down to let it integrate. While I lie on the bed near a large window, I closed my eyes and perceived the surging energy overtake my whole body, like an extreme kundalini event. Before I knew it, my heart chakra burst open my entire body buzzed and as I breathed ever deeper and more rapidly to mange the supercharged influx, I began to see in my inner vision the sky outside my window filled with the most wonderful rainbow colored swirls and clouds. It was as if someone has painted the sky with the brightest colors imaginable. And all that illuminating color came to rest within me, filling me with a peace and tranquility indescribable in so many words. I don’t recall how long this episode lasted, but it may have been more than one hour, at which point I woke up feeling like the best expanded version of myself ever and received the message that my soul was able to incarnate 44% of its energy in me as a result. I remember being so disappointed to contact my friends and find out I was the only one to experience this inner singularity event that day! We are creators of our own reality!

4. Two Earths – by Alloya

…I have asked myself over and over, “why do they not see them (as some physically cannot see them), and why do they not care?” After much pondering on this, I suddenly realized what was going on! Whilst I was complaining to a friend about their reactions, I heard myself say, “my God, it seems like there are two realities going on here: they are in one and I am in another”. It suddenly dawned on me- that was exactly what was going on. There were indeed two realities co-existing. They were in the old world, where most humans are asleep, living and dreaming in their polarized reality. I and many others are in the other New Planet reality (which is shifting and moving) trying to surf the wave of consciousness and truth which is crashing against its shore. I had often said things like, “how can they not see what is going on in the world?” I then realized the reason for this is because it was not going on in their world. They are in a completely different reality.

These two realities are sitting side by side and it is hard to see that there are two realities at all. Even for those who have already in their Soul’s plan signed up for this New Planet reality, there are days when we move back into the old reality, and there are some days when we have one foot in one reality and one foot in another. Some days we are full of hope and promise for our futures, and other days we are drowning in the negativity.


5. Three World Split, The Event, and Covid-19Amanda Lynne

What I saw, sensed and felt was indeed the solar flash. A CME, a Coronal mass ejection. I was outside in a field of tall grass, looking to the west, I saw the Sun. And it was setting, it was almost touching the horizon when it turned bright white, like a diamond disco ball. Fractals of light were beamed out into infinity. Then the sun expanded, 6 or 7 times bigger than normal. Our Sun was in alignment with the Great Central Sun, and a portal was opened. This sparkling wave of diamond light flooded the Earth. The light was warm, the sky was full of beautiful rainbow clouds, and it smelled like rain in spring. My body tingled and hummed. I felt this light being absorbed by Gaia and every living being in existence. It was incredible. I cried and shivered uncontrollably. A few moments later, I gathered my bearing’s and started to open my eyes from this meditation. From that moment I unknowingly shifted to a more expanded version of myself. One that was lighter, brighter, more vivid. One that could reach levels of consciousness, not previously known. My light body, or rainbow body filled with activated photons, plasma light.

When the Great Central Sun is aligned with our Sun, a portal opens into pure consciousness. Pure light and love. The diamond light penetrates our energetic bodies and activates dormant DNA, triggering, and electrifying us online. Our full 12 strand DNA is switched on, rebooted. We remain ourselves, but the most optimal version. Old belief, old paradigms dissolve instantly as we now remember who we truly are. The amnesia is lifted, we collectively rub our eyes and look around, with a new set of lenses, to a new world, a new age. These plasma waves have been trickling in for years, and are now exponentially increasing in intensity.
The solar flash for most, not all, but most, has to be experienced through the light body. If one’s light body is activated that is. If one’s light body is not online, they can still experience the coronal mass ejection but it will manifest differently in the 3d. Not all will be “ready”, meaning they will have chosen to not move forward with the ascension timeline.

The Event, The Great Awakening, Ascension, whatever words you wish to describe this. Everyone, everywhere is experiencing it, as a collective. Now, the reactions vary widely, the emotions vary widely, it looks different to everyone, it feels different to everyone.

However, you are reacting to this, it’s your reaction. And it is exactly what you need and what you’ve agreed to experience. It’s OK to listen to and entertain different trajectories or different theories, as long as you hold the optimal ending outcome of peace, balance, and harmony for all! Again, you will get exactly the experience, learning, and knowings from this current energetic that you intended and agreed to have.

To simplify this, you can split the collective into three groups… one that sees lies, corruption, panic, and fear, OR one that sees awakening, disclosure, liberation, freedom and hope. But then there is a third group… the ones that see both, and are at balance. The ones that knew, the ones that prepared themselves, through deep soul work. They researched, sought out truth and delved into one dark night of the soul after another. Took it upon themselves to connect with their higher selves. The ones that are activated, aware, and online. This group simply waits, watches, and holds space for peace. Because they know the highest outcome for humanity and our collective consciousness have already unfolded for our highest good in the higher realms.  Know that an individual can be somewhere in between all of the above. As we are constantly teetering between worlds by how we choose to hold our frequency. We simply have to let the energetics of this knowing trickle down so to speak, to our now reality.

So, for a while it will look as if there are three separate realities. This time is needed for proper astrological alignments to sync up. Make no mistake, critical mass was reached April 4th 2020. The 444 Portal of The Great Awakening was a mission we’ve all been preparing for, for quite some time. The activated 5D collective is strong enough now to channel a fully manifested physical solar event for all left on Earth, creating a situation where all can ascend to the higher realm. It is happening, and we have fulfilled our purpose as awakened lightworkers and starseeds. It is our time to celebration and rejoice for the Golden Age awaits. Not to say things will be easy, we will still have to deal with the fall out of our collective reality imploding. But we are more than capable of mitigating and traversing these challenges. It is why we are here. To hold space, to hold our frequency and vibration high.

Old souls this is the now we’ve been dreaming about since the day we came online. We are at the inception point. Our event horizon. Now is the time to stay focused on the heart, aligned with source. This is our time to literally shine! And A phrase that my guides would consistently repeat… No Soul left behind! I think I understand what this means now.

We are The Golden Age. And Where We Go One, We Go All!

6) The Ascension Papers, Books 1,2,3 by Zingdad

Z: So then…the Singularity Events?

J-D: These are the moments when you really and truly see your own light. These are the first few clear and unambiguous sightings of your own self. The Singularity Events are when you fulfill your task of being the mirror of your own soul.

With your first Singularity Event, a connection is made and, from that moment on, you can never again get lost in separation…it is called a Singularity Event because, in that moment, there is a union. A moment of oneness. The lost is found. And the whole-making process is not just underway, but it cannot ever again be stopped or reversed.

When you see the light, you are changed evermore. When you see the light, you see your direction Home. And, like a beacon shining from a home port, you are drawn that way. Now you know your way and when you know, you cannot ever again not know.

…a Singularity Event is a moment of life-alteration. It is the moment when all of your choices for change become realised.

…the first Singularity Event comes to those who are ready and willing – those who have firmly chosen it and taken concrete steps to head towards it.  And this is just as well, since your first Singularity Event, when it happens, will change your whole life completely. In ways that you would never have been able to imagine, your whole perspective will have shifted. In this powerful moment of light and grace, you will find your life’s course reorientated. Many of the things you previously found to be important will immediately be seen to be irrelevant. Gifts and abilities will arise from under-developed skills that you had previously not valued. You will find yourself powerfully drawn to new choices and decisions that will feel incredibly right to you.

Z: Okay. So what will the experience of the Singularity Event be like?

J-D: Just as each and every soul is totally unique, so will their experience be unique. When they are ready for it. When it comes for them. It will be tailor-made for them by their God-Self to be the perfect call Home.

Z: But everyone will experience these Singularity Events?

J-D: When they are ready.

The Singularity Event is the Light. It is available to all and it has been increasing and increasing in intensity. It has become easier and easier to find it within. And the reason for this is that more and more have been choosing it. And so, as it becomes easier, more and more continue to choose it. It will not be forced on anyone, but those who are ready can seek it and find it. And when they do, their experience of it will be exactly perfect for them. The experience will change the course of their life and set them on their path Home.

In a nutshell, your first Singularity Event will be utterly unlike anything else you have ever experienced in all your journeys through space and time. The beauty and wonder of it will change you utterly. Nothing will be the same afterwards.

…There are a few things that this experience will have in common with everyone else who gets their first sighting. I can sum some of these up:
1. The first Singularity Event does not randomly happen to people. It comes after you have come to a firm decision (and begun to live that decision) to connect with the divine within. You and Lisa called this “following your hearts”, others might phrase this in different ways, but at root, no matter what you call it, it will come down to the same thing: adeep commitment to finding God in the core of your own being.
2. When you positively engage this quest with a willingness to relinquish your ego’s attachments to the illusions of the world in favour of your connection to the divine within, then you are on the path to having your first Singularity Event.
3. Really what I am saying in the above two points is that the first Singularity Event comes to those who are ready and willing – those who have firmly chosen it and taken concrete steps to head towards it. And this is just as well since your first Singularity Event, when it happens, will change your whole life completely. In ways that you would never have been able to imagine, your whole perspective will have shifted. In this powerful moment of light and grace, you will find your life’s course reorientated. Many of the things you previously found to be important will immediately be seen to be irrelevant. Gifts and abilities will arise from under-developed skills that you had previously not valued. You will find yourself powerfully drawn to new choices and decisions that will feel incredibly right to you.

Z: But it’s weird because nothing changed “outside” of me. It was only me who was changed.

J-D: Correct. This world of illusions teaches you that “what is true” is outside of you, that “what is important” is “changing things in the world”. But your first Singularity Event shows you something completely different. It shows you that the real truth is inside of you and that the only thing that is really important is the connection, in your heart, to the divine. It is a radical restructuring of your whole world-view and it happens in a moment. And it is blissful beyond words.

There is a final point:

4…After this First Singularity Event, you will dedicate your life to deepening your connection with the divine. You will live for your next Singularity Event. Each Singularity Event is, in point of fact, the celebration of the evolution of your soul. Each event is your step up to a higher density of consciousness.

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