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Is Germ Theory True?

Here are tons of links to prove that it is not...

Is Germ Theory True?

September 9, 2020

-By Michelle, Our Free Society

Edited by PLEditor


This question, “Is Germ Theory True?” has been raised all over the place since the covid19 scamdemic started in either December 2019 for China, or March 2020 for the rest of the world.

I myself have studied it a bit, and considering how many lies we have been told not just in our lifetime, but in our parents’ lifetime, our grandparents’ lifetime, and for hundreds, if not thousands of years prior to that, my good guess is NO, there are no such thing as germs.

The biggest lie spread is that we can catch viruses and get sick, and then give them to someone else.

If that lie is NOT true, then everything the evils have done to us for hundreds of years goes out the window and their allopathic criminal industry falls down the drain which means their toxic drugs and poisonous vaccines also make no sense.

Not that it ever made sense to me once I became holistic, started studying REAL health, and started using my brain and putting the pieces together, but I’m talking non-holistic people should also find that it makes no sense.

So below is a PDF I got from a nice woman Carolyn. I told her I was going to put it on the site because people have been talking about this and when it comes to the normies who believe everything their criminal government and whitecoats say without ANY question, I will just shoot them this link.

Let them refute all of this, LOL!

She’s taken the time to compile what’s she learned and she should be commended. I’ll be adding to it in the comments as time goes on.

I know it’s very very long, so just pick and choose what you want to read/watch and seriously, hand it out to people who believe all the lies and tell them to get back to you in a week.

Please let me know if you have any links to add, please add them as a comment, or shoot me the link and your thoughts and I’ll add them.

I couldn’t go through all of the links, so please let me know if a link is dead. Links will also die as goolag (YouTube) book burns more and more information so the normies (and even us) can’t read/watch and learn.

I hope you study it so you can come to your own conclusions about whether viruses really do exist and cause illness.

Also, terrain theory is based on New German Medicine (/Biocodificacion), and here’s the go-to site for that.

And here we go…






The following document is essentially my personal collection of resources and research notes on these topics. I started keeping this list in March 2020.

Over time, it has morphed into a sort of “starter kit” for those that want to begin exploring germ theory and related topics.

It isn’t easy to find these links on these topics all in one place!

Hopefully, this list will help save you some time and energy.

It is a highly biased list. This is not a “fair and balanced” view of germ theory. I don’t even attempt to provide information “from the other side”.

Please research germ theory from all angles possible. It would be highly interesting to study all the information below thoroughly, and also research standard virology as it is currently taught. I have not done that myself. I hope others do a more thorough job than I have.

We need “all brains on board” and I hope to encourage serious researchers to emerge out of this.

The overall intention of this document is to assist those who want to dive deep into the science surrounding the taken-for-granted idea that “viruses cause disease”.

While I do state my opinions throughout this list, It is not my intention to convince anyone of anything. My intention is to broaden the scope of learning and research and ask good questions.

I can state very confidently that germ theory — or as Stephan Lanka calls it “the theory of infection” — is highly problematic.

Today, we are all experiencing the dramatic, intense and very real effects of this problematic idea. It is my contention that we need to re-examine this idea that most people take for granted to be true.

The true nature of health and disease is a very deep topic and germ theory is a superficial, and thus dangerously myopic, explanation.

Specific Notes:

• The list isn’t (yet) organized by topic or doctor, author or researcher.
• The list is not comprehensive or complete by any means. This is a living document and is always under development. I am always working on “culling” the list to make it more focused, on topic, and readable. I have a lot of links I still need to add. I will send out an updated version to everyone who has requested this when I feel this is more “complete”.
• The list is in no particular order.
To see the BOOK LIST, scroll to the end.
• There is also another GENERAL LIST — of researchers, doctors, scientists, journalists — again, toward the bottom of the list.
• I don’t have any medical or science background to show off. I have a background in education and general research.
• Please feel free to share all or part of this collection of links with others, of course!
• If you have any good links that you think should be added, please send them my way and I will look at them.
• Since this is a work-in-progress, there will be errors and omissions and duplications etc. If you see any big errors, or links that are not working, please let me know.
• It should go without saying — but I will say it anyway — that I don’t necessarily agree with everything posted here. I am simply collecting information and learning as I go.
• The intent of this list is to encourage people to research these topics and use their own discernment. My opinions are sprinkled throughout. Take what resonates of my opinion and leave the rest!
• There is a “MY RANT” post at the end of this document. This was part of the introduction to this document. It got too long. I put it at the end. Rough Draft. Just my opinions.
• I posted an important blog entry by Dr. Thomas Cowan towards the end of this document. I still need to find a link for it. Please read it!
It is important… he eviscerates a Nature magazine article about oral transmission which is what the whole “wear a mask or die” thing is about. The entire text is at the bottom of this document, scroll down to see it. Title is “If Transmission Through Exhaled Breath Hasn’t Been Proven, All Other Findings Are Irrelevant”.
• I have no firm answers to the deep questions brought up here. I am not proposing any conclusions about viruses. I don’t know what a virus is. I don’t know how contagion works. I don’t know how the body works! I don’t think anyone does! 🙂 And that is what this is all about. We have much to unlearn and learn.

Happy researching!

I hope this list helps you in some way. 🙂

— Carolyn Gutman Dey — Salem, Oregon, USA —forcgd at yahoo.com



for the entire list, please visit: https://ourfreesociety.com/is-germ-theory-true/

Related videos:


“Viral Misconceptions – Presentation on The True Nature of Viruses”  By Jeff. G.

Note: The final video is not of a virus – it is meant to approximate how a cell ruptures once it is full of viruses during viral replication.

Hebrew subtitled- https://vimeo.com/565368216

Video Transcripts: ⁣

When Jeff talks of “viruses” he is in fact describing exosomes, an established field of science that has proven our own cells do indeed produce such particles. Read his article, Exosomes vs. Viruses: https://virusesarenotcontagious.com/exosomes-vs-viruses/

Here is his website: virusesarenotcontagious.com


Check out the video below with Dr Andrew Kaufman, linking the alleged COVID-19 “pandemic” to exosomes.

Dr Andrew Kaufman’s presentation on exosomes, “Humanity is NOT a virus”:


Dr Andrew Kaufman’s presentation on exosomes, “Humanity is NOT a virus”

Cosmic Mildew

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