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Cosmic Death Fungus – Part 6

: This Is Pre Disclosure!

Cosmic Death Fungus – Part 6

Continued from Part 5

Haga click acá para leer Parte 6 en Español (pero Google Translate no es 100% correcto)

Welcome to Part 6 of the Cosmic Death Fungus series,

where we recount our experiences taking the Natural (NAC) protocol for fungus clearing.

Please read the entire series for the PRESCRIPTION protocol, more context, relevant research links, updated advice and users’ experiential results…

Part 1 mainly deals with the discovery of the pathogenic problem, and immediate solutions 

Part 2 expands on various related health topics, including a tie-in to coming a worldwide lockdown.

Part 3 delves more into the historical origins, esoteric implications and philosophy behind this threat, as well as it’s planetary ramifications.

Part 4 includes more dumps/research links, Q & A and users’ testimonials.

Part 5 will include the newest info dumps/research links, most recent Q & A and users’ testimonials, and the latest updates on the Natural protocol after May 10, 2022.

If you have not yet seen this video from earlier posts in this series, this explains partly why we are doing this natural protocol:

‘Cosmic Mildew’



It sucks I have to say this, but nothing in this articles series should be taken as absolute truth or professional medical advice! And if you are not already in perfect health, then you should consult a medical professional before attempting to self-cure using any remedy included herein!!!!!

People should do their research before taking any advice. Before doing any protocol. Even advice and protocols from an MD.” –OP


Here’s the updated NAC Protocol info from August 2022 summed up below:

*********The Daily NAC Protocol************

(2 month minimum + 3 weeks no die off before moving to maintenance phase.)

Recommended hygiene:
– Natural foods
diet (keto), low white sugar, low white flour

– light exercise daily for max results.

– 2x+ oral brushing with non-flouride toothpaste + Fennel Seed Extract Oil

[I use grapefruit seed oil]
– 2x+ Xclear
(Xylitol) or hypochlorous nasal inhaler

OP mentioned Fennel oil 1 drop on your toothbrush every time you brush to eliminate mouth fungus, he also said this will cross the BBB [blood brain barrier] as an added benefit. It will get into your teeth and gums helping in many ways.

You can continue to take other supplements. Yet we must be wise in all this because our liver must breakdown all of these things.

It goes without saying, no alcohol or illicit drugs as they all are counter productive. If you must please wait until after the 2 months.

All dosages based off of a person 150lb.=68kg., so adjustment may be necessary.

Take only with food as that makes it easier on the body to assimilate and less issues. Also take separately from your other medications, if possible.

1200mg NAC*
– 300mg Oregano Oil (10:1
in gel cap =3000-4000mg)
– 1 Tsp Black Seed Oil
** (cumino=Nigella Sativa) (up to 4000mg or 1 teaspoon)

600mg NAC*
– 300mg Oregano Oil (10:1)
– 1 Tsp Black Seed Oil


*For women who do not respond to NAC, Glutathione, Cysteine & C can be substituted.

the dosage would be 2 caps morning 1 cap night. Everything else would remain the same.

**Black seed oil dosage depends on how you take it. If you take the capsules you want around 1500mg. If you have the oil in a bottle (preferred method) just take a teaspoon or swig, swish with it, then swallow.

********Maintenance Protocol**********

– 2x+ oral brushing with FSEO
– 2x+ xlear or hypoclorous nasal inhaler
– Recommended Tumeric and Ginger
– Natural foods, low sugar (Paleo)
low dose Oregano Oil can also be incorporated

– 600mg NAC*
100mg NAD+
(Nicotinamide Riboside)

or 250-500mg Niacin (Nicotinic Acid)*
– 400-
500mg Resveratrol (or 200mg transresveratrol content

– *500mg Slo Niacin (Time release nicotinic acid)

-*100mg Pterostilbene

– 1 Tsp Black Seed Oil

– *500mg Slo Niacin (Time release nicotinic acid)

– 1 Tsp Black Seed Oil

To make the maintenance protocol more affordable, replace NAD+ with Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) you’ll want 500mg, or 250mg if you are sensitive to [the niacin flush]. This will also boost NAD levels but the body has to convert it a few times to increase the NAD pool. It won’t hit as quickly, but it will do the job. Just remember, you will get a body flush with niacin, which you don’t get with Nicotinamide Riboside. That means increased circulation/vasodilation.

After every 3 weeks on the maintenance protocol, take 1 week off. Continue to use black seed oil during the off cycle.

– The maintenance phase will put you into a process called mitophagy, and your body will have the ability to start fighting it off naturally again. You will be resetting both cell repair and mitochondrial function. This combination is the solution to getting around gene defects in the IL-17RC and STAT1 for people with familial candidiasis.

– As far as the fungus going dormant, it usually responds to immune events. It is dimorphic, so it changes its form and begins filamentation when the opportunity arises. It may have appeared dormant when it remained in it’s single celled planktonic form (yeast) but rarely becomes dormant unless under heavy attack. It will remain dormant using the protection of biofilms.

Fungal die off symptoms may include:

Tiredness, exhaustion, muscle soreness, increased chest or nasal discharge, cold or flu like symptoms, nerve or joint pain, cold sores, headaches, irritability, change in stool frequency, volume or color; bloated stomach, cramps, increased gas.

-Signs to look for that indicate you are ready to go on maintenance: This is an evolving list, but so far here is what we are seeing.

  • Die off symptoms have subsided, general feeling of wellbeing.

  • Mucous production in the nose and upper respiratory is mostly clear and transparent, with a slight increase in production.

  • Your skin starts producing more sebum.

  • You have experienced slight vision changes for the better.

  • Overall energy levels are much higher and last longer throughout the day.

  • Noticeable weight loss and thinning out.

These have been common symptoms that you are ready for the maintenance phase of NAC + NAD.

Based on what we’ve seen over the past year and the recent flood of feedback from the chan groups, 2 months may not be enough for some people. We have one older gentleman that didn’t really see relief from die off until the 3 month point, but has made large leaps and bounds with his health.

One thing people misunderstand is having relapses into old issues. It was never a relapse, you were still battling it out of your system, layer by layer. So really, seeing relapse symptoms after a period of general wellbeing is a good sign. That means you are beating it at levels that have been pre established for years. Old multilayered biofilms, strengthened by DNA strand latticeworks sometimes take time to destroy.

But rest assured, they get destroyed. I think that the key to beating it in the most efficient manner is having a long lasting, extended release solution. Peribsen has been focused on a plant compound taken from heal-all that looks very promising. It appears to have no resistance issues with bacteria and fungi, so could be used in combination with oregano to accelerate results and provide additional benefit.

The extended release option is really key. Having time release niacin (slo niacin) combined with pterostilbene, black seed oil and a thermogenic like bioperine appears to give 6+ hours of attack and protection. Nicotinamide Riboside (NAD+) is mentioned as an alternative for people who have nerve issues or react to pure niacin. In general the switch was made due to NA Timed Release being useful for 6 or more hours when combined with pterostilbene or resveratrol. The NAD uptake is similar and likely better than the amide at a fraction of the cost. This change should improve results and also lower costs.

Of course you could combine that with heal all (Prunella vulgaris) or oregano as well if you want faster results, but this would of course be for people who already ran with the NAC protocol and have cleared out enough to not overdo the die off.

Protocol may also be effective against Toxoplasma.

>>Shopping List<<

– Black Seed Oil (BSO) Organic + Edible
– Oil Of Oregano (OOO) 10:1 Extract Gel Caps

– NAC* (or Glutathione, Cysteine & C for women)

time release niacin (slo niacin/nicotinic acid) combined with

– pterostilbene

– NAD+ (Nicotinamide Riboside)
– Resveratrol

Recommended Products:
– Fennel Seed Essential Oil (FSEO) Organic + Edible

– Non-flouride Nano-hydroxyapatite (remineralizing) toothpaste
– Xlear or hypochlorous nasal inhaler
– Tumeric and Ginger (This will help your Neuropathy, and also serves as a thermogenic like pepper)

Prices as of Aug 14 2022



              ships to Argentina only when using                international credit/debit card



Acetil Cisteina 100 Gramos Aminoácido Puro

$2.399 pesos


Acetil Cisteina 100 Gr + 250 Gr Niacinamida

$7.553 pesos Envío gratis


Acetil Cisteina 250 Gr Aminoácido Puro

$5.658 pesos Envío gratis


N Acetilcisteina 500 Gr Aminoácido Puro Envío Gratis

$10.589 pesos Envío gratis



Nac (n Acetyl Cisteina) 1000mg 120 Comp!

De Now!! $17.300 pesos

Envío gratis

Horbaach Nac N-acetyl Cysteine Cistina Vit B6 1000mg x180caps

$36.500 pesos

Envío gratis


NOW Foods NAC,

1000 mg, 120 Tablets



Doctor’s Best, NAC Detox Regulators, 180 Veggie Caps



Amazing Nutrition, NAC, 600 mg, 250 Capsules



Oregano Oil (10:1 potency) in gelcap

Piping Rock Oil Aceite De Oregano 3000mg X 150 Caps

$8.489 pesos

Envío gratis

Carlyle Oregano Oil| 4000mg

150 Softgels

$40.000 pesos

Envío gratis


Gaia Herbs, Oil of Oregano, 120 Vegan Liquid Phyto-Caps




NOW Foods, Oregano Oil, 90 Softgels




NOW Foods, Oregano, 450 mg, 100 Veg Capsules



Resveratrol /Pterostilbene

Nutricost | Pterostilbene | 100 Mg | 120 Caps | Importado

$33.749 pesos Envío gratis

Pterostilbene Naturalpuro 200mg 200caps Mejor Q Resveratrol

$32.900 pesos

Envío gratis

Naturebell Pterostilbene | 200 Mg 200 Caps Importado

$33.749 pesos Envío gratis

Lake Avenue Nutrition, Resveratrol Complex, 500 mg, 60 Capsules



California Gold Nutrition, Trans-Resveratrol, Italian Sourced, 200 mg, 60 Veggie Capsules



ProHealth Longevity, Pterostilbene Pro 250, 250 mg, 60 Capsules



NAD+ Booster





Nadh Coenzima Dinucleótido Nicotinamida Ribosica Pura 5000mg

Pesos $40.500

Combo Exclusivo Nicotinamida + Niacina + Triptófano = Nad+

pesos $6.901.40

Acido Nicotinico Vitamina B3 100 Gramos


ProHealth Longevity, NMN Pro, Pure NMN Powder, 15 g



ProHealth Longevity, NMN Pro Complete, 37.5 g



ProHealth Longevity, NMN Pro, Pure NMN Powder, 100 g







Nicotinamida C/resveratrol 500mg X180 Apoyo De Nad Vegano


Nicotinamida C/resveratrol 500mg X120 Apoyo De Nad Vegano


Envío gratis


NOW Foods, Niacin, 500 mg, 250 Tablets

Slow release



Solaray, Niacinamide, 500 mg, 100 VegCaps




Black Seed Oil

Aceite Turco De Comino Negro – Nigellla Sativa 250ml!!!!

$14.000 pesos

Envío gratis



Heritage Store, Black Seed Oil, 16 fl oz (473 ml)

ARS $4,693.82

ARS$297.10/fl oz

Pure Indian Foods, Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Black Seed Oil, 250 ml



Foods Alive, Organic Black Seed Oil, 8 fl oz (236 ml)


ARS$401.87/fl oz

Fennel Seed Essential Oil

These are links to all the products I ordered off MercadoLibre.com.ar on May 6, sufficient for myself and my partner (x2 full protocol).

Your prices will be different than mine over time.

We expect to begin protocol when all products arrive or no later than June 1.

N Acetilcisteina 250 Gramos Aminoácido Puro

The best way to store powder bulk NAC is in an airtight container or vacuum sealed with a few silica packets to remove moisture. It can last up to a few years, but will degrade over time. The signs are a sulfur smell or rotten eggs. It is still beneficial in this form as well.

Aceite De Orégano 4000 Mg X 150 Softgels – Piping Rock

(each cap has 300mg of Oregano Oil)

I bought some extra softcaps of another brand (which are not listed here) to supplement the NAC phase (for two people)

Comino Negro Nigella Sativa 2.000mg 50 Días Bulk Supplements

Best price I could find on Black Seed (Cumin) Oil capsules, ½ off anything else, ships from overseas/USA.

UPDATE- Jun 23, 2022: This is NOT the best QUALITY oil available, its very weak!

I now recommend Horbaach Black Seed Oil gelcaps from MACO IMPEX, or  better:

their 250ml bottle of Turkish oil …

and their

Probióticos 120 Bill. 36 Cepas + Prebióticos + Enzimas Usa 



Arnaldo Macoritto

WA +54 9 3718-61-8353

We saved over $3000 buying direct from MACO Impex,

but as of June 2022, we receive no commissions on any product referrals to their own website nor to their Mercado Libre storefront! 

To continue with the updated Maintenance protocol of May 10, we ordered another 250ml Black Seed Oil bottle above, plus these additional supplements below, that should extend the maintenance period (for 2 people) by at least 2 months:

Genétikal Protector Adn Antiaging – 30 Cápsulas (argenfarma)

This is a NAD precursor + Resveratrol and other supplements

-Nicotinamida M 100 Mg
-Resveratrol 100 Mg.
-Colágeno Tipo li Natural 50Mg
-Isoflavonas De Soja 100 Mg.
-Zinc Gluconato 20 Mg.
-Exipiente. C.S. Para 400 Mg.

Resveratrol 500 Star Nutrition Antioxidante 60 Capsulas

Sabor: Sin sabor


N Acetilcisteina 100 Gramos Aminoácido Puro

Sabor: característico


Gluconato De Zinc 50 Gramos Puro

Added this as a booster just for insurance


Vitamina B3 Niacinamida , Nicotinamida 100 Gramos


Acido Nicotinico Vitamina B3 100 Gramos


Triptòfano Aminoàcido Puro Grado Usp 100 Gramos

Now, I ordered the above 3 NAD+ Nmn Essential Coenzyme Precursors (w/ 100g c/u) in pure powder from Natural Whey for $3488, essentially less than half price of this combo pack ($5519) from Planeta Libre Nutrición y Bienestar Integral:

» Nicotinamida Niacinamida Nicotinamide Niacinamide Vitamin B3 33 g
» Niacina Nicotinic Acid Vitamin B3 Frasco 25 g
» Triptófano L-Tryptophan Essential Amino Acid 33 g

But, Planeta Libre does a great job explaining (in Spanish) what the precursors are and do:


NAD+ es una coenzima crítica en el cuerpo que está involucrada en cientos de procesos celulares. El acrónimo significa nicotinamida adenina dinucleótido, una coenzima que juega un papel vital en el metabolismo celular al convertir los nutrientes en energía celular. También funciona como molécula auxiliar con otras proteínas que regulan los procesos biológicos.

Pero, ¿de dónde obtenemos NAD+ en primer lugar? A través de la dieta y alimentos compuestos por precursores naturales de NAD+, que son los materias primas que se convierten en NAD+ a través de una serie de transformaciones químicas. La literatura científica muestra que la ingesta de NAD puro no es la elección más adaptada, ya que la molécula no es asimilada tal cual por el organismo. Por tanto, los autores de los estudios recurrieron a moléculas que no solo atraviesa la barrera intestinal con éxito, sino que, además, se transforma en NAD en el organismo: esto se denomina un precursor. Los precursores más directos del NAD son la Niacina Ácido Nicotinico, la Niacinamida / Nicotinamida y el aminoácido esencial L-Triptófano, que el cuerpo utiliza por tres vías diferentes:

a) La biosíntesis de novo.
El organismo logra transformar el triptófano, uno de los aminoácidos esenciales aportados por la alimentación, en NAD por medio de varias reacciones intermedias.

b) La vía de Preiss-Handler
El organismo logra transformar la niacina (NA), una de las formas de la vitamina B3 que se encuentra en la alimentación, en mononucleótido de nicotinamida (NMN), y luego en NAD.

c) La vía de rescate
El organismo es capaz de reformar moléculas de NAD a partir de la nicotinamida (NAM) y del ribósido de nicotinamida (NR – nicotinamida ribósido), dos precursores de la NAD que también son productos de degradación de ésta. Por esta razón se denomina vía de rescate a este modo de producción. El NR y la NAM se convierten en mononucleótido de nicotinamida (NMN) antes de ser definitivamente transformadas en NAD.

Los tres productos que se deben utilizar juntos en la misma toma. Su uso es muy sencillo, la dosis promedio inicial es de 500mg/día (media cucharita chica tipo cafe como la incluida) junto con agua, jugos naturales, infusiones, sobre las comidas, dentro de una receta o como guste y el horario también utilice el que más cómodo le quede para hacerse el habito que es lo mas importante.

May 26/Day 1 – Today we started the NAC protocol

Pedro, M 50+, 175lbs/80kg

2000mg NAC +zinc

2x 400mg OOO

2x 3000mg BSO

Stella, F 70+, 59kg= 130lbs

1800mg NAC +zinc

2x 181mg OOO

2x 3000mg BSO

May 28/Day 3- Pedro

Starting having some intestinal cramping from the OOO yesterday, and last night had very abnormal dreams, like with two bears wanting my food while I was eating on a couch in England. And being in Mexico with friends form this town and looking at property for sale overlooking the beach. Woke up yesterday am feeling more buzzy energetically than normal.


June3/day 9 = Pedro, last three nights have had interesting and vivid dreams about health.  I also upped my daily NAC intake to 2000mg.

June 19 – day 24– Just ran out of our 250ml bottle of BSO! So for one person a bottle would last almost two months.

Just found out the OP is posting on other forums as Mac, with Peribsen, the medical archeologist, and maybe one other:

4chan: https://boards.4channel.org/x/thread/32149542

August 1- Die off symptoms lessening and almost ready for Maintenance protocol.  Feeling in general more mental clarity, and energy, but with periods of tiredness and trying to reduce caloric intake.

August 10- Started the Maintenance protocol today, with the Genétikal capsules twice daily + resveratrol



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