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Why “Zingdad”?

My name is Arn Allingham, but I write and publish books under the pseudonym “Zingdad”.
  • There’s a cute little story behind the name “Zingdad”. Find out what this name means, why I use it, and all the other questions people often ask me, by reading the Introduction to Arn “Zingdad” Allingham.

Who Will Benefit from This Website?

This website is not for everyone and I don’t try to pretend otherwise. Only those who are on the path of their own spiritual awakening will be interested in what is here. And those who have (and those who are ready to) understand that truly All is One, will most deeply resonate with my offerings. But, irrespective of whether you are only just beginning to awaken spiritually, or if you have been engaged in an ascension path for decades, you are sure to find what I have to offer to be of great value on your journey.

What This Website is All About

As I, myself, awaken, I find it serves my soul’s purpose to assist others to awaken. I share what I have learned, heal others as I have found healing and give back to life all the good that it has given to me. This website is the portal through which I do this.

El Tiempo y el Espacio

..."espacio y tiempo" son lo mismo, que son ficticios y que son conceptos de la realidad de consenso. Solo son reales para ti si estás de acuerdo en que son reales. Pero si ESTÁS de acuerdo en que son reales, entonces existe evidencia empírica para demostrar que lo es así. ¡Y es muy difícil discutir contra la evidencia empírica! ¡Así que es casi como si fueran reales!

El Contrato de la Semilla Estelar y la Ascensión Planetaria

Hay seis componentes en el contrato de la Semilla Estelar de los que te debes recordar, como Semilla Estelar. Se les conocen como la Invitación, la Destrucción, la Reparación, la Entrega de Obsequios, el Retorno y la Disolución. Hablaré de estos componentes, uno por uno.

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